A-Z of Manchester

The Manchester A-Z: the essential guide to the history, life and culture of the greatest city.

There’s too many reasons to list of why I love Manchester so much but let’s begin by discussing what makes Manchester so special.

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Wigan and the Arts

Personally, the arts for me has always been my true love, and without it I honestly don’t know what I would be doing today. The arts are everywhere, whether it’s the music you’re listening to on your phone, or the television dramas that you watch at home.

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Ryan Noakes
Living like Luxury in Wigan

Ok so this may be the shortest post that I’ll ever write for this blog, since Wigan doesn’t exactly have its own shopping experience on Rodeo Drive or Bond Street – And yes I knew what they were (once I’d Googled them).

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Manchester through the ages!


Manchester started its life as a wooden fort. The wooden fort became a stone fort in 200 AD and soon after civilians started to settle around the fort. In 407 AD the Romans left Britain, the settlement disappeared and the fort went to ruins.

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Education in Wigan

As somebody who has been through Wigan’s education system, I feel it fitting that I take you on a little tour of what we have to offer here. As a parent, education is probably one of the most important things for your child, and you should only want the best school that’s most suited to their needs of course.

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Ezra & Gil Review

Manchester’s Northern Quarter has an abundance of coffee shops, restaurants and cafes that offer shelter from the rain on a cold day, and refreshments when the sun shines. Ezra & Gil is one of the more popular ones on Tripadvisor with a variety of customers grabbing a table for some lunch or just a quick coffee and a catch up.

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