8 Ways to Catch Up With Your Girls in Manchester

Why does nailing down a date day with the girls fall low on our list of priorities?

It’s like before we know it, adult life hits us with some big changes. You know the sort, we fall in love, we might move away, build a career, have kids, cats, dogs etc. It’s unfortunate, but finding time for a girl’s day doesn’t happen anywhere near as often as it should.

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Folk Cafe Bar: Didsbury

Last night was date night and with a list of restaurants that I want to visit it seemed fitting that we picked one from the list (when I say 'we' I mean me). After looking on the West Didsbury Instagram page we decided upon 'Folk café and bar' and set off.

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A-Z of Manchester

The Manchester A-Z: the essential guide to the history, life and culture of the greatest city.

There’s too many reasons to list of why I love Manchester so much but let’s begin by discussing what makes Manchester so special.

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