Getting to know the Bloggers: Devon Metcalfe

First thing you read in the morning?
Any messages on my phone then have a quick flick through the news.  

What TV shows do you binge on?
I'm not a massive TV watcher if I'm honest. I watch Corrie religiously (sad I know) but for a good binge, it'd have to be Friends.

The last thing you do before you go to bed?
Kiss my other half goodnight!

What was the last film that made you cry?
It's been a while but it was "Me Before You". 

What books are on your bedside table waiting to be read?
There's only a few but I'm part way through a book called "The life-changing magic of not giving a f**k".

What's on your workout playlist?
I definitely don't work out haha! But say I'm walking somewhere and I have my earphones in, it'd have to be a mix of Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Courteeners etc.

Favourite emoji?
Sassy Blonde hand girl haha! 

What's the last thing you bought?
Another unnecessary pair of Christmas Pajamas (Yes it is only October, festivities start early in my house)

Songs that's guaranteed to get you on the dance floor?
Arctic Monkeys - Florescent adolescent

The app you can't live without?
Instagram I can sit scrolling for hours.

Go to takeaway dish?
Salt and Pepper Chicken!

Last podcast you listened to?
The Diary Of A CEO.

Current wallpaper on your phone?
Florence my puppy <3

Last Google search?
Large puppy coats.

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