Keeping Fit in Wigan

New Year, new you, that’s how it goes right? After the season of stuffing ourselves with all of the cheeses, chocolate and roast potatoes, it’s most likely that we’ve all suffered the wrath of Christmas and perhaps in need of losing a few pounds (I am guilty of this for sure). And sadly since the New Year is upon us, I think it’s time to admit that the fun is over, as everyone returns back to work, school, and normal, everyday life. For some that also means starting a New Year diet and trying to exercise more as part of our resolutions, and so I thought it be best that I share with you some of the ways to keep fit in Wigan. Whether you prefer your own company, or want to share the pain with friends, I have for you some of the best ways to sweat out those Christmas sins.

First of all, there’s your classic gym. And in Wigan we have quite a few around, including DW FitnessJD GymTotal FitnessXercise4Less and Wigan Youth Zone. Oh, and don’t forget the hotels in Wigan which also offer leisure facilities like Wrightington Hotel and Britannia Hotel. Since it’s the New Year, these gyms will be holding a range of offers for joining early, such as DW Fitness offering no fee for joining, and paying only £5 for January. Others also include, Total Fitness’ join now and don’t pay anything until February, and Xercise4Less’ £9.99 a month promotion and free kids classes. Wigan Youth Zone have a similar program for younger people, with a gym specifically for 11-19 year olds, and even a junior gym with focused exercises for 7-11 year olds.

Now if you’re not into the whole gym thing, then perhaps Robin Park Sports Centre and Arena and Profiles Health and Fitness Centre can help you out. These places were the home of my high school sports days and dance classes when I was younger, and they offer a great range of classes for all ages - Simply check out their website or go in and grab some leaflets! Like I said they offer some great dance classes, as well as running clubs, gymnastics, and so much more. Of course you can also start your own running clubs, simply grab a few friends, organise a day or evening and find a route best for you. Plus, this way you’re burning calories and saving a few pennies alongside.

Then again, if you do have the money to spare, then perhaps a personal trainer is more your style. Gym’s such as DW and JD will have personal trainers available, and with DW offering a free taster session, you can get to grips with what you want specifically – Whether it be weight loss, building muscle or flexibility. Although if you’re wanting a more private personal trainer, then I know Chris Bradshaw really helped my mother when she wanted to lose weight, as he offers private tuition and classes – Check out more information from him here:

However, do not fear, as getting fit doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. There’s also lots of ways that you can have fun and exercise at the same time. Wigan is now the home of an Oxygen Freejumping where you can bounce and burn away that extra slice of Christmas cake. If you’ve got the time, then DW Soccer Dome also rent out pitches for 5-a- side games, which some of my friends actually go to, and is a great experience for you and friends.