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Whether your goal is to lose half a stone in 30 days or win 3 gold medals, we all have to make sure we are making our health a priority. I have worked in the Sports and Fitness Industry for over 8 years now. I have had a great variety of experience from working at a professional football club to running a female only gym. I have learnt so much along the way from my clients, what works and what doesn’t work.

I work with clients who have very busy and active lifestyles. They have high work, family and social demands and need to keep themselves healthy to keep up! In a previous blog ‘Keeping Fit In Manchester’ The Femme Fatale shared all the fitness hot spots and best gyms to attend. I want to expand on this and share my top tips to staying fit and healthy in between.


  1. Exercise regularly – It is really important to keep active a minimum of 3 times a week for least 20 minutes. Exercise is great for both physical and mental health. Are you having a stressful day? Put your trainers on and go for a run along the Manchester Canals, enjoy the freedom from the hustle and bustle of the city. I have just joined the Sweatshop Running Community, it’s a free group with weekly local runs – make new friends and keep fit – winner!

  2. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – We live in such a vibrant city and often time is against us during our busy day. To ensure that you are sticking to your healthier journey plan your meals / workouts for the week. Creating meal plans, weekly shopping lists and printing daily recipes will really help when time is against you and help you to resist the temptations.

  3. Count nutrition, not calories – In a world of FADs and Trends I want you to refocus. I don’t believe in calorie counting, I believe in eating real home cooked food. My best advice for eating well is to ensure each meal has a variety of food groups and colours.

  4. Make it fun and inspire yourself – We live in such a beautiful city with such great opportunity, why be so restrictive and boring? If you take this approach you will rebel. Make it fun – walking around the Trafford Centre is exercise right?

  5. Make your food social – The misconception that you can’t dine out when eating healthy is rubbish. The restaurant quality in Manchester is amazing! My best advice for dining out is to be a part of the choosing of the restaurant process, download the menu before you even get there to resist temptations. I love eating out; 2 of my favourite restaurants are in The Best Restaurant Of Manchester, have you tried the steak at Grill On New York Street or the amazing Sunday Roast at Mr Cooper’s House & Garden?

  6. Make it worthwhile - “cheat meal” or deserved meal? If you are going to have this kind of meal, make sure you ENJOY IT (if you deserved it) !!! I love cake and nothing more than visiting Teacups on Thomas Street with friends and family at the weekend.

  7. Don’t get caught on the naughty step daily – Make sure that you do not become a “weigh-a-holic”. I always advice my clients to weigh themselves every 1-2 wks and to use their clothes and the mirror as guides in between. Focus on how you are feeling not how much you weigh.

  8. Keep yourself busy – We have so much opportunity in Manchester for an awesome day out. Whether it’s a stroll around town and the shops or a trip to the Chill Factor make sure you are keeping busy and get some fresh air (take an umbrella!!). Keeping yourself busy, helps to avoid boredom and over snacking.

  9. Eliminate / Reduce alcohol intake - Give yourself that well needed break and help to reduce your sugar intake. There are so many fun things to do in Manchester on a night out without visiting the bars. Have you played table-tennis at Twenty Twenty Two or a game of bowling at All Star Lanes?

  10. Relaxation is a must - Schedule daily time to read a good book or take a long, hot bath! Sitting browsing in the internet on your laptop or your phone isn’t relaxing, make sure you give your brain time to wind down too! One of my favourite places in Manchester is the Central Library, perfect place to work and write from!

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