Leeds for lovers

Want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Leeds but not sure of your options? Look no further because here are some great places for sharing the love whether you’re loved up or just looking to celebrate with some friends.


Sometimes it feels like Leeds is distinctly lacking in activities for animal lovers but it does have Tropical World. Who wouldn’t want to see some butterflies or persuade your partner that you definitely do need that fluffy meerkat for Valentine’s Day?

Tropical World has all the nice animals you could wish to see like turtles and lizards as well as some less cute ones like mice and snakes but let’s focus on the cute for now. It’s not the most romantic situation when you’re crying at the tarantula tank.

Tropical World is also right beside Roundhay park, so once your eyes have turned into little hearts from seeing all the cute bunnies you can take a walk around the picturesque lake.


If getting out in the fresh air is your ideal way of spending Valentine’s Day, get your walking boots on and seek out the Meanwood Valley Trail. The trail is approximately 7 miles but it’s really easy to walk further or cut the trail short if you want to. The trail will take you from Meanwood all the way to Golden Acre Park, which is just one of the beautiful parks in Leeds.

There are plenty of aesthetically pleasing flowers and trees as well as loads of wildlife to spot if you’re into that. And if you’re not, it’s still the perfect place for a romantic stroll.


Fazenda is a meat lover’s dream. It’s a little pricier than other restaurants at £30 per person in the evenings but for that you can get a selection of freshly grilled meats as well as a salad bar, breads and cheeses. Fazenda is situated on Granary Wharf so you can take a stroll along the riverside after your romantic meal.


Quite the opposite to Fazenda, The Cat’s Pyjamas offers a wide range of Indian street food, so if you’re less about the meat and all about the ambience this is the place to celebrate Valentine’s Day. There are 2 restaurants in Leeds – one in the city centre and one on Otley Road, Headingley.

The menu is vegetarian and vegan friendly and there are plenty of craft beers to choose from if you needed any more persuading.


If you’re single, or just not a very Valentine’s Day kind of person, there are loads of bars and restaurants to choose from for a fun night out with friends but a firm favourite is Headrow House.

If you’re looking to escape all the loved up couples in favour of a night out with your friends, check out Headrow House. Situated, as you might have assumed, on The Headrow, it’s a restaurant and bar with a beautiful rooftop terrace.

The cocktails are incredible and this Valentine’s Day there’s live music all evening, making it the perfect place to share the love with your friends.

Who knows, you might find someone to spend next Valentine’s Day with?

LeedsRyan Noakes