Molly's favourite things to do in Manchester

Since I spent the summer of 2015 working in Manchester, I’ve fallen completely in love with the capital of the North; and thankfully, my best pal lives there so there’s always an excuse to visit my favourite place. Here are a few Manchester pastimes which I recommend:

China town
China town is full of beauty, with bright colourful lighting located throughout the community and the majestic archway at the entrance of Faulkner Street. But it must be said, the best thing about China town has got to be the food – and the choice available. Whilst in Ellesmere Port your only options on sushi supply come from Yo Sushi or Tesco Express, Manchester is spoilt for choice when it comes to sourcing your favourite Asian cuisine.

Canal Street
I love visiting Canal Street when I’m in Manchester. With Liverpool’s best gay scene bars/clubs consisting of the Poste house (a tiny upstairs room in an old man’s pub) and Garlands (where everyone is 14), Manchester is somewhat refreshing – well, as refreshing as gross clubs can get. G-A-Y is probably my favourite place to go out because £1.60 drinks and Britney Spears medleys are hard to beat in my opinion, but truthfully, the whole village has a fab atmosphere so it’s always a good night out.

Cat cafe
I love cats but due to my current housemate (i.e. my Nan) hating them, I’m forbidden from bringing one home – no matter how cute a ginger cat called Garfield sounds. Chilling at the cat cafe gives me the opportunity to let out all my crazy cat lady vibes in one go so I can otherwise go about my life like a normal human. The cat cafe is not only home to adorable fur babies, but also has a decent range of food and drinks available whilst you’re visiting and hosts a Cat Yoga session – which is next on my Manchester to-do list.

Music events
On my last two visits to Manchester, I’ve attended some sort of music event, one being The xx and the other being Mistajam. With there being so many venues for the arts scattered across the city and with every band on tour having at least one Manchester date, there’s literally something for everyone. So with just one quick scan through Ticketmaster, you’ll be sure to find your favourite singer or theatre production visiting Manc.

Although this list is quite subjective, no matter what your hobbies and interests are there will be something for you in Manchester as the city itself is so diverse and accommodating.

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