The 5 items you need to survive a day in Manchester

I often go for a specific reason that gets quickly kyboshed … the usual P.O.A is to shop (obviously) and next thing I know its 3 am and I’m rolling in demanding “chicken nugs” after having way more than ‘one too many’ G&T’s.

This is the reason I have a few essentials in my bag so that I am prepared for any eventuality in Manchester.

First and foremost - a permanent resident of my bag is my lip balm, I can’t leave the house without it. Dr Paw-Paw is my best pal – not only is it the BESTEST lip balm I have ever bought … It also works its magic as a moisturiser, skin protector and even as a hair conditioning treatment … not that you’ll be needing a hair treatment on a day-to-night outing in Manchester… but you may need it after!

Within this same category, I’m going to cheat this list a little and group lip balm with lipstick…. You cannot go into Manchester without a bit of colour to smack on those (now perfectly smooth with the help of Dr Paw-Paw) chops if the shopping sesh does turn into a full-blown night out on the town. My fav go-to is, of course, you guessed it - MAC Velvet Teddy … So predictable but you just can’t beat that shade!

The next must have to help you survive your adventure in Manchester is your favourite fragrance. You need to smell good because you never know who you’ll bump into… Mr Right or Wrong! I must say I love a strong scent… Thierry Mulgar Alien is MY smell… And don’t my friends know it. People can smell me before they see me – in a good way obviously!!! It’s such a strong, noticeable scent but that’s why I love it. BONUS too - they do a perfect ‘survival kit’ sized bottle – 15ml … Although if you’re an ‘over sprayer’ like me that amount lasts you that one night but it is sooo worth it.

The next item on the list is sunglasses… Now now, I know this is a post about how to survive a day in Manchester but the sun does shine on us from time to time – in fact, more than you think! Nothing more beaut than sitting out at Oast House when the winter sun breaks through – you can take one for the team and sit facing the sun because you’ve come prepared. Although saying that I do go through glasses ridiculously quick as I manage to break them alllllll the time – I just don’t know what happens in my bag but (I’m blaming the bag) it manages it! So I never really spend big on sunglasses but the high street is brilliant now for dupes! But I digress - yes always good to be prepared, you never know when you’ll need sunnies. Worst-case scenario, they come in handy for the morning after to cover those Pradas under your eyes!!

The next is a definite necessity I’d say – for sensible reasons! When I go into town I always swap over to my small purse … a cute little coin style purse but another cool alternative could be a cardholder. One reason is the weight – my normal everyday purse is sooooo heavy – with every receipt from the last 3 years, business cards from people I’ve met here and there, a sim card pack (don’t ask!) and of course all those discount cards you get but never remember you have them - because they are drowning in all the other rubbish you have stored in that huge purse. Another reason I swap into a smaller purse is then if something horrible happens (touch wood it doesn’t!) and you lose your purse for whatever reason – you’ve not lost everythinggggg and so less to sort out. Also, I know some friends that keep little mementoes of cute memories in their purse and you wouldn’t want to lose anything like that.

Okaaaaay back onto happier topics and my final essential to survive Manchester. And I’ve saved the most important until last … I mean no one nowadays can leave the house without this item… your phone!! If you’re anything like me you’d feel lost without it! And Manchester is a great place to get that great outfit Insta shot or a hilarious drunken Snapchat. But also if you aren’t sure where to stumble too or where the next watering hole is located we all rely on our trusty phones to get us there… Also in the event of actually needing to use a phone for what it’s for! Incase you’re a wanderer ahem you know who you are, then you can ‘phone a friend’ and if that fails then there’s always that saviour ‘Find Friends’ otherwise known as ‘Stalk my Friends’.

So there we are – all you need to survive those kyboshed plans with friends that love to lead you astray and anything they want to throw at you in and around the brilliant city of Manchester… it usually involves alcohol I must admit!