The Bird at Birtle - Restaurant Review

This has to be the best restaurant I have ever been too, and, I have been to Australia and some pretty darn good places.

We have recently moved to Bury and this was on our radar from day one. So, Saturday night, nothing in the house for tea we decided. Why not!? And, are we glad we did.

When we arrived I asked for "A table for two, please?" And the waitress checked with the Manager if she was letting in 'walk-ins'. The lovely lady explained it that they are a chef down so only bookings, but, for us - she said take a seat. I explained it was okay and we didn't mind, but the kind manager said "No, come in". How nice.

The restaurant itself is beautiful. We described it as the type of place for family celebration, Granddads 60th or engagement dinner. Also great atmosphere for date night, or, just dates! ;) Dark wood walls, black granite style tables and an all-round high quality feel about the place.

I ordered the Prosecco and Vodka cocktail to begin whilst looking at the menu. Great selection. Our waitress (lovely girl, I'll come back to her later) told us the 'specials' or should I say sold us the 'specials'. I heard the starter and just had to get it and my partner opted for the main - good work girl!

Starter - This was, hands down the best thing I've ever eaten! I decided that after one bite. (third from left, top row) Pork belly and black pudding croutons with poached egg and a mustard hollandaise. I took my first fork full and fell in love. I have been to Australia (home of the poached egg) and this was the best I've had... Perfectly cooked pork belly, no fat or chew and the added black pudding and spring onions layers rolled in breadcrumbs was heaven.

Mains - As I mentioned, my partner ordered the Sea Bass main, crispy skin and melting falling apart bright white fish. Chorizo and spinach mash potato made for a perfect match. I ordered the confit duck leg, succulent meat that fell off the fork after stripping it from the crackling skin. Served with these little pockets of flavour in the shape of roast potatoes and croutons. The added sprinkle of bacon made for an extra touch both in flavour and texture. All this on a bed of large lettuce leaves and little salad garnish bits to dress.

Dessert - If you come to somewhere like this, you can't leave it at that. It is a sin! I ordered a small glass of Whiskey on the rocks - as you do ;) To finish off the wonderful evening and accompany my Creme Brule! Yes, I went for the classic. It is always my first choice if it is on the menu, what can I say... The crack of the sugar and the little delicate shortbread biscuits made for a lovely light end to my meal. My partner ordered the cherry frangipane tart, served with non-other than Amaretto ice cream, little chocolate cookie and garnish of glazed cherries! #delicious #defeated

I said I'd mention our waitress again and I wanted to just mention that she was fantastic! Sister to the Manager, you can hospitality runs in the genes. The young lady was down to earth, kind, warm and genuinely friendly, not, 'fake smile for the customers' friendly and that really shone through. Top marks ladies!

All round a fantastic evening for us.
And the #bestrestaurantever - I have been too!