What's Hot and What's Not in Wigan


The Old Courts

A hidden gem within Wigan, this little hub is home to all things involving the arts – Including live music, theatre, films, and even art festivals and vintage fairs. In fact, Flow Theatre Company, who I’m currently working with on a production right now, is holding a night of performances in February if you want to check it out!

The Coven

Wigan has surpassed themselves, and now have a vegan café and bistro situated nearby the bus station in the town centre. I’ve been dying to try this place out, and will hopefully be taking a trip very soon.

Empire Saverday Tuesday

If you’re looking to save a little on cinema tickets, then Tuesday is the time to visit and see the latest releases. With tickets from £4, you really can’t go wrong here, and cheapness is one of my favourite things about the north, especially being a student.


Marus Bridge Junction

If you’ve never been to this particular junction, then count your lucky stars my friend. Before what is the current Marus Bridge Junction, the roundabout that inhabited the area of land was just about simple enough for me to understand. However now, there might as well be no traffic lights, as it looks as if cars can drive wherever they wish with the lack of lane markings.

Christmas Lights Switch-on

If you go to Wigan’s Christmas lights switch-on, then trust me it’s not hot. No, I mean literally, it will be freezing so you better wrap up if you’re going to go.

A Lack of Lush

The fact that Wigan doesn’t have a Lush Cosmetics in the Grand Arcade already is a travesty. If there were one, I tell you now that they would make a fortune (And that’s just from me as a customer). Whilst we’re on the topic, if we’re going to start making petitions, then could we also add a Nando’s, Zara and Paperchase to the list of demands?