Wigan and the Arts

In our daily lives we’re surrounded by the arts, and Wigan is no different, where the arts has become an important part of our community. The Old Courts in Wigan is probably one of the main hubs for the arts in Wigan, and for me it’s the best place to work. Whether your interest is live music, comedy acts, films, and even a Drink and Draw, which of course involves drinking and drawing, duh. There’s been many an evening spent there watching my friends perform, or simply hiring one of their function rooms for a get together. If you do get the chance to browse around this place then I would definitely recommend, its history and diversity of the arts is something very special in Wigan.

Not too far away either is Wigan’s Little Theatre, which is constantly showing new and exciting shows all year round. Whether you want to take part yourself or if you’re simply a theatre lover, then this place is for you. Our quaint and cosy theatre has housed some great productions in the past, including Be My Baby and Pygmalion. Of course, if performing is your passion like it is for me, then perhaps you would like to study it further at Wigan’s drama school – the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. Currently based at The Trencherfield Mill, this building houses another theatre at Mill at the Pier, where independent companies are welcome to put on shows, as well as ALRA students themselves.

As for Wigan’s events, we have much to offer, including Wigan’s Arts Festival which is an annual event where lots and lots of events are held at multiple venues across the borough. It’s surely not to be missed! If you’re a dancer you may also want to be involved in the Dance Fusion Festival based in Lowton, however there’s always dance schools around Wigan, where in the past I’ve spent many years learning with Street Dance Zone Academy at Robin Park Leisure Centre. And for any budding musicians out there, Wigan’s Young Musician of the Year is a great competition to take part in; which my own younger brother was a finalist in this year, and brought great confidence in his ability.

Whatever your skill, whatever you’d like to try, the arts in Wigan are very much diverse and accommodating. Overall, the arts itself is a great thing to be involved in, whether it’s a hobby or career path for you. There’s been so many times where I’ve seen the arts help many people, and so for that reason it’s important to keep it alive and well in Wigan for the future.

Ryan Noakes